Pool filter replacement cartridges

It's important to carefully maintain the filter in your pool to keep it clean! We have filters for hundreds of different filtration systems. It doesn't matter if you have a in-ground filtering system or an above-ground filtration system we have found great deals on replacement filters for any type of swimming pool or spa.

When do I need to replace my pool filter?

pool filter cartridge replacements Some folks choose to clean their pool filters with a low pressure wash but my opinion is if you are going to the trouble of cleaning your system you may as well just buy new filter cartridge replacements because they are cheap and perform so much better. Keep in mind that when you clean out your pool filter you can never get all the small debris and oils out of the cartridge so a used pool filter never works as well as a new one. Determining how long your pool filter will last is rather difficult since it depends on how often you use your pool or spa. We recommend that you buy new filter replacement cartridges at least once every year and clean out your existing cartridges as often as possible.

Are generic pool filter cartridges OK to use?

Of course! A generic filter cartridge is just as good as it's name brand counter part are usually a great deal less money.

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